Redditch Westerners

Codes of Conduct

Since the Redditch Westerners were formed in 1998, it has always been the wish of the Founders and ensuing committees that the Redditch Westerners should be recognised as a club that its members are proud to belong to and, one that provides good quality entertainment, a safe environment for children (future westerners) and adults alike in a friendly, courteous and safety conscious manner.

To this end, the committee has issued this code of conduct, not only for the benefit of new members, but also as a reminder to the more seasoned Westerners among us and we ask that all Members adhere to the following code of conduct.

  Safety is paramount in all things, but with particular attention to knives, swords, firearms and/or explosives. Please adhere to the National Laws concerning Firearms and Bladed weapons. We do not allow illegal weapons of any description within our club or the boundaries of Redditch Westerners Events.

 Firearms must only be loaded (with suitable blanks) immediately prior to fast draw contests or the Trilogy, Weapons must be tied into holsters and sheaths at all other times.

 Our club aims to provide a safe and friendly environment, for members to enjoy a variety of Western activities. The Redditch Westerners do not condone any form of discrimination so please treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

 The club encourages Authentic Western Dress, however this is completely optional.

 Please remember the standard dance floor etiquette, allowing couples dancing around the outside and GENTLEMEN No Spurs on the Dance floor.

 We make an effort to welcome; members, and visitors and we try to ensure club nights and events are happy and friendly occasions. Please remain courteous and tolerant of others at all times. Should there be any disagreements of any kind, these should be solved by discussion and should not interfere with the enjoyment and well being of others.

 Children are welcome and encouraged to enjoy western activities, however they must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. This is particularly important around the dance floor, if you are the adult responsible for young children at an event please be aware of their whereabouts and behaviour at all times.

 The committee wish to remind all members; that they are not allowed to bring their own drinks into the club.

  Members should always adhere to the rules of this club and its events, as well as events held by other clubs. Remember you are an ambassador for this club.

 Any continued failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in your membership being revoked and in serious cases, refusal of entry to Redditch Westerners Events.

Thank you and enjoy our Hobby

Redditch Westerners Committee